A pair of full, luscious lips can add to one’s sensuality, youth and vitality. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for patients to come into our office seeking fuller lips. For this, we provide fat injections.

Though lip augmentation can sometimes be achieved through injectable fillers alone, many patients require additional assistance that is more comprehensive and long lasting. We offer lip augmentation with fat injections that involve a patient’s own tissue, usually taken from the bikini line area.

Fat injections are a reliable and long-lasting way to enlarge the lips and are achieved by taking fat tissue from a donor site in another area of the body, purifying it and injecting it underneath the lip tissue.

This lip augmentation method provides board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Elias Gikas with more predictability and control while offering a more permanent answer for the patient.

To learn more about lip augmentation with fat injections or any other procedures, call or visit our Chicago office to set up a consultation.