Excess body fat is a common concern for many people. Overeating is not the only cause of excess body fat – it also results from lack of exercise, an improper diet, genetics, the aging process, and health conditions such as metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance.

Irrespective of the reason, the body sometimes stores food as fat rather than burning it for energy. This fat can be very hard to lose through diet and exercise. In such cases, liposuction is suggested.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure where stubborn fat is surgically removed from the body. It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. It provides targeted contouring of the body by removing fat deposits. It is important to remember that liposuction is not effective for weight loss and is specifically used for contouring.

This procedure can safely remove excess fat from numerous parts of the body, including the face, neck, stomach, thighs, back, buttocks, ankles, knees, and calves.

There are different liposuction procedures available from medical providers, and the most widely used technique is tumescent liposuction.

Understanding Tumescent Liposuction

The word “tumescent” means swollen and firm. Tumescent liposuction makes fat cells swollen and firm for easier removal. It is safe, effective, and nearly painless, and it requires less downtime than traditional liposuction.

The tumescent technique starts with the injection of large volumes of a tumescent solution into subcutaneous fat, or the fat that is jiggly and visible under the skin. This solution is comprised of dilute lidocaine and epinephrine.

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic used to numb the region, and epinephrine is a drug that shrinks capillaries. The amount of lidocaine that is injected into the fat is so large that the target area becomes swollen and firm. The fat is then suctioned out of the body.

The lidocaine provides complete local numbing, which avoids the need for general anaesthesia. General anesthesia comes with more risks than local anesthesia, making this procedure a safer option.

The localized vasoconstriction provided by the epinephrine eliminates surgical bleeding. This in turn leads to less bruising and swelling in the treatment regions, making the post-surgical recovery process more comfortable.

Benefits of Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction has several benefits:
• The downtime of this technique is shorter and more comfortable than that of the traditional method of liposuction.
• It eliminates the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery.
• It eliminates the risk of side effects caused by general anaesthesia.
• It can be used to treat all parts of the body.

Complications associated with this procedure are minor and can be easily corrected. Tumescent liposuction is an ideal way to remove stubborn body fat and sculpt the body to better define its contours.

Is Tumescent Liposuction Right for You?

Reduce the appearance of trouble areas of the body – contact the office of Dr. Elias Gikas, a respected board-certified plastic surgeon with a wealth of knowledge, to set up a consultation.

Your consultation will involve a physical examination, a discussion of the details associated with this procedure, and the creation of a surgical plan. Before-and-after photos will be available to help you better understand your potential results.