Many women feel self-conscious about their figure, particularly when they are dealing with sagging breasts. Sagging breasts can occur due to aging, gravity, childbirth, and other factors. Some women may feel embarrassed about wearing certain types of clothing. Sometimes this can have a negative impact on their lifestyle and cause a loss of self-esteem.

If you want to appear younger or look better wearing your summer clothes, then a breast lift can help. Sagging breasts are the result of a loss of the tautness of skin. For women battling sagging breasts or breasts that have changed shape, a breast lift can be the solution.

One of the misconceptions about the breast lift is that it can enhance the size of the breasts. A breast lift can significantly improve the body’s contours, making the breasts firm and taut. However, it cannot change the size of the breasts. This is something that a breast augmentation procedure with implants can achieve.

A Breast Lift Consultation

To be fully prepared for breast lift surgery, you’ll need to learn more information about the procedure. You may have questions about how you will look after the surgery, how long the results are expected to last, and what the healing process will be like. Your surgeon can answer these questions during your consultation.

It is important to be realistic in your expectations for your results. Patients are typically quite pleased with the outcome of their procedure, and part of this is having a full understanding of their potential results.

Good Candidates for Breast Lift Surgery

If you are planning to undergo a breast lift surgery, you will need to meet some criteria. You will need to be in a good state of general health. Avoiding smoking will be very helpful in terms of preventing complications and maintaining results.

You’ll need to maintain weight levels that do not fluctuate too much. This is important because extreme weight loss can cause loss of elasticity of the skin and thus result in breasts that continue to sag. If you tend to gain or lose weight easily, it will be good to lose weight and then undergo surgery once you have achieved a level weight range.

A breast lift will help women dealing with loss of shape or breast symmetry. Thus, women who are experiencing breast asymmetry and drooping are ideal candidates for the procedure.

What to Expect

One of the most important considerations for your breast lift will be the type of incision and its placement. Incisions are made relative to the size and shape of breasts, as well as the amount of breast lift desired by the patient. For heavily sagging breasts, a larger incision pattern is used in order to allow for greater excision of skin.

During the breast lift recovery process, you may need to wear supportive bandages as the incisions heal. You may have to take medications for pain and to prevent infection. A drainage tube may be used for a couple of days to prevent fluid accumulation.

You should avoid heavy exercises and activities that can strain your body for a few weeks of your recovery. Staying home from work for a time is also typical for this procedure.

Make an Appointment

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