The nose is the most prominent feature of the face and a dominant factor in defining balance and harmony. Even minimal deviations from normalcy can be easily detected especially with reflection of light and creation of shadows.

A thorough evaluation of all the components of the nose and their relationship to each other as well as their relationship to the entire facial complex is an absolute necessity in planning the surgical steps that will achieve an excellent outcome. This comes from both years of experience as well as the appraisal of ideal proportions.

The execution of the surgical plan requires thorough knowledge of anatomy, function and blood supply as well as the dynamic changes that occur during each surgical maneuver during operation and the postoperative healing period that will affect the eventual outcome.

Even minute changes can have a noticeable impact on the final result.

A rhinoplasty operation is probably one of the most technically demanding procedures in plastic surgery: strict attention to detail and compulsive drive for perfection as well as artistic creativity are a must in order to achieve excellent results. Complementary procedures on the face at the same time may enhance the outcome even more, putting the face in much better facial harmony: i.e., chin augmentation (or reduction), eyelid surgery and forehead contouring. Any functional procedures deemed necessary to improve breathing can also be addressed at the same time.

Dr. Gikas has performed hundreds of such procedures in a variety of patients of different ethnic groups and a variety of deformities and it is the most common procedure he performs in his Chicago practice of seventeen years. His expertise in the procedure, his compulsion for perfection and creativity is what makes him sought after by his patients. His patient referral basis is all through word of mouth from his patients as well as other physicians.

We invite you to come in for a consultation and review our results with a variety of examples of Chicago rhinoplasty patients.