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At our practice in Chicago, breast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequently performed procedures. Breast implant technology for breast augmentation has evolved significantly over the years. Now, there are implants of every shape and size, designed to meet the goals of nearly every woman, including the mother who has lost breast volume after nursing, and the naturally small-chested woman who wants to feel more feminine.

Dr. Elias Gikas is a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon and is known by his patients as the best Chicago Breast Augmentation surgeon. He has performed numerous breast augmentation over the course of his career and focuses on providing natural-looking results that satisfy the needs of the patient.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Results
Breast Augmentation Before and After Results

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What Breast Augmentation Accomplishes

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts. Not only can this procedure improve the appearance of the breasts, but it can also help to boost the patient’s self-esteem. Many women also find it easier to wear certain styles of clothing with bigger and fuller breasts.

Who Is a Candidate for Breast Implants?

The best candidates for breast augmentation are women who:

  • feel their breasts are too small and are looking to improve their figure
  • have lost breast volume and shape as a result of pregnancy and nursing
  • have lost breast volume and shape as a result of aging
  • see a significant difference in the size of both breasts
  • have experienced a change in breast shape or size due to weight loss

The Difference between Saline and Silicone Breast Implants

A breast implant is a silicone shell filled with either a saltwater solution known as saline or silicone gel. If the saline-filled implant leaks, the fluid is absorbed into the body without causing harm. This is the same as if the saline were given as an IV fluid. If the silicone gel-filled implant leaks, it is not immediately apparent, as the gel is more cohesive than saline fluid.

Currently, the FDA approves saline-filled implants to be used on an unrestricted basis, while silicone gel-filled implants are only to be used in certain cases. Information regarding implants is discussed with the patient during consultation and at the time of surgery.

The newest breast implants are composed of silicone gel. Silicone gel “cohesive” implants are now available for breast augmentation procedures and approved by the FDA for cosmetic purposes. For additional information regarding these new implants, please contact our office.

How to Select the Right Breast Implant Size

Several factors come into play when selecting the right breast implant size. The most important criteria are your body frame and your desired results. Dr. Gikas has experience with nearly every type of request; some of his patients want a subtle enhancement, whereas others are looking for a more noticeable transformation. 

Dr. Gikas will help you determine the right implant size to satisfy your ideal cosmetic outcome by discussing your options with you during the consultation process.

loved my experience with Dr. GIkas I think he’s one of the top surgeons out their because he really listen to the patient and gets the surgery done exactly how you want it shows that he cares alot about his patients very satisfied


Breast Augmentation Incisions

The incisions used to perform a breast augmentation can be placed in a number of different locations, including around the areola or in the armpit. Very often, the incision is made underneath the breast and just above the crease. However, the incision location will vary according to your anatomy and the type of implant Dr. Gikas uses

Dr. Gikas is very meticulous when making the incision in order to ensure that any post-surgical marks are as inconspicuous as possible.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis at an accredited surgical facility. Dr. Gikas begins by making the incision in the predetermined location. 

After the incision has been made, he creates a pocket either under the breast tissue or under the pectoralis (chest) muscle. This pocket is made just large enough to accommodate the implant. Dr. Gikas then places and positions the implant for the best cosmetic result. 

The method of inserting and positioning an implant is based on your anatomy, and the type of implant being placed. These options will be discussed with you during your initial pre-operative consultation. Dr. Gikas strives for natural-looking results in his Chicago breast implant patients while placing patient safety and comfort as top priorities.

Recovering from Breast Augmentation

Following surgery, detailed instructions are provided regarding postoperative care and activity. It is important for every Chicago breast augmentation patient to follow these instructions in order to minimize any complications and to help achieve the best results.

Dr. Gikas will also advise the patient as to when they can return to their normal activities. Most breast augmentation patients are able to return to work within a few days and to more strenuous activities in about two weeks following surgery.

Cost of Breast Augmentation in Chicago

As an experienced breast augmentation Chicago surgeon, Dr. Gikas will meet with you in his office to discuss all options and pricing. The cost of the procedure varies based on the specific type of implants used and other factors. For more detailed information about the cost of breast implants, please contact our office in Chicago.

Schedule a Breast Augmentation Consultation

If you’d like to learn more about breast augmentation and how it can help you achieve your ideal breast appearance, please contact Chicago cosmetic surgeon Elias Gikas at (773) 878-6525 to schedule a consultation.


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