Brow Lift Chicago

An endoscopic forehead and brow lift is a procedure intended to elevate sagging eyebrows, remove deep frown lines and wrinkles and diminish the appearance of creases in the forehead. Recent developments in medicine and advancements in technology have made endoscopic forehead and brow lift plastic surgery a relatively simple procedure, giving Chicago forehead lift patients results that last five to ten years or longer.

An endoscopic forehead and brow lift is performed by making small incisions in the hair line and on the temples to reduce any visibility of scarring. The lift is performed by inserting a special viewing instrument called an endoscope and carefully lifting the forehead skin so portions of muscle and excess skin can be removed. The plastic surgeon will remove any excess skin and close the incisions with stitches or clips. The incisions will normally be covered with a gauze padding and the Chicago brow lift patient’s head may be wrapped with an elastic bandage. Bruising usually subsides within a week following surgery and vigorous activity should be very limited for several weeks, including any activity that could significantly increase your blood pressure.

To get a feel for how an endoscopic forehead and brow lift will enhance your appearance, stand in front of a mirror and place the palms of your hands at the outer edges of your eyes, above your eyebrows. Gently raise the skin upward to raise the brow and forehead area. This procedure can significantly minimize the appearance of aging for years and give patients cosmetic satisfaction by eliminating the deep creases and fine lines that can make a person look angry, sad or tired, despite their mood or personality. For a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation, an endoscopic forehead and brow lift can be combined with eyelid surgery or a facelift procedure.

Endoscopic forehead and brow lift plastic surgery is normally performed on patients in their forties to sixties but can also be done to help people who suffer from inherited conditions, such as a droopy brow line or furrowed lines above the nose, affecting both their appearance and self-esteem. Most patients who choose to have an endoscopic forehead and brow lift did not realize how much their sagging forehead, frown lines and wrinkles contributed to an older looking appearance until seeing the results of a younger and more rested look.

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