Chin & Cheek Implants Chicago

Chin and cheek implants are designed to help bring the cheeks and chin into better balance with other facial features. It is very common to have chin and cheek implants in conjunction with a nose job (rhinoplasty). A chin augmentation, also known as a genioplasty, is the surgical use of sterile synthetics or biological implants to create a more balanced relationship between the structures of the face. Cheek implants, or submalar and malar augmentation, is the surgical use of sterile synthetics or biological implants to add fullness to the checks, helping patients restore their youthful looks and regain confidence in their appearance.

Two of the strongest characteristics of an attractive appearance are fullness of the cheeks and a well-defined chin. Flat cheekbones and a weak, receding chin can make the nose look larger and the face seem off-balanced. Facial implants can provide a more harmonious balance to your face and features, helping you regain confidence in your looks and feel more attractive.

Ideal candidates for facial implant cosmetic surgery are in good physical and mental health, without any active diseases or pre-existing medical conditions. Most cosmetic surgery Chicago patients seeking cheek implant surgery have underdeveloped cheek bone structure or have lost tissue and the natural padding of healthy fat that normally occurs in the face. Desirable candidates for chin implant surgery will not have any bone disorders and not have been on Accutane for the last six months or more.

Facial implants are intended to augment areas of tissue deficiency secondary to either congenital deficiency or causes due to tissue laxity from aging. Chin or cheek implants can be placed in precise anatomic positions to enhance the chin or cheeks by making small incisions hidden inside the mouth, thus avoiding visible scars. Chin and cheek implants are commonly done in conjunction with other procedures to give facelift, brow lift and rhinoplasty Chicago patients a more complete facial rejuvenation.

To perform a cheek implant procedure, the plastic surgeon will make a small incision close to where the implant will be placed. The incision is made either in the crease under your lower eyelashes or inside the mouth where your gums and lips meet. The surgeon will then create a pocket in the facial tissue, insert the implant and close the incision with stitches. For chin implants, the plastic surgeon may use some bone or fat from your body, silicone implants or a whole range of other synthetic or biological inserts which may even include specially prepared coral. The plastic surgeon will then insert the chin implant through a small incision under the chin or through the mouth, along the lower lip. Both procedures take approximately forty-five minutes to an hour and a half to perform. Chicago chin implants and cheek implants patients will typically experience minimal swelling or bruising with these procedures and healing is relatively quick.

About Dr. Elias Gikas

Dr. Gikas is a highly talented and exceptionally skilled Chicago cosmetic surgeon who takes great pride in helping his patients transform their appearance to match their ideal look. He has a vast amount of experience performing body contouring procedures for tummy tuck and liposuction Chicago patients.