Radiesse Chicago

Radiesse is an injectable paste, typically used to enlarge lips and fill in folds and facial lines. The soft-tissue filler is a mixture of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) powder, a basic substance of bone and teeth, and sodium carboxymethyllulose, which is used as a carrier substance. Radiesse cosmetic treatments are widely used in Europe and South America and available in this country for various medical conditions. Because it is does not contain any animal components, pre-allergy testing is not required when choosing to have Radiesse cosmetic surgery. Radiesse is made of components that are well-known to be biocompatible and the soft-tissue filler has an extensive record of safe clinical use.

Most patients enjoy long lasting results from Radiesse treatments, typically lasting two to five years. Over time the natural substance will slowly degrade and be removed by the body’s natural mechanisms. The skin around the area treated with Radiesse remains soft and natural to the touch, and in most cases minor follow-up treatments will help to prolong the natural, beautiful results created from the soft-tissue filler. Radiesse can dramatically enhance one’s looks by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles brought on by aging, over-exposure to the sun, gravity, smoking and genetics. Radiesse is also a positive option for getting fuller lips, helping patients feel more attractive.

Radiesse treatments can be used to reduce fine lines between the nose and mouth. This cosmetic procedure can also restore fullness to the lips and greatly diminish blemishes and acne scars. With Radiesse cosmetic surgery, it takes little time and almost no effort to successfully reverse the effects of aging, stress and gravity. Ideal patients will be in good emotional and physical health and begin their cosmetic surgery experience with a positive attitude and realistic expectations. Good candidates for Radiesse treatments are seeking personal improvement, not perfection.

Most Radiesse treatments take less than half an hour to perform and can be done as an in-office treatment, allowing patients to quickly return to their normal schedules and activities. Patients may feel some minimal discomfort, but this will only be temporary following the treatment. Radiesse cosmetic surgery is a great way for individuals to restore their youthful glow and enhance their natural features. Dr. Gikas also provides solutions for Chicago Botox and Restylane patients.

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