Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures
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Whether it’s tighter skin or improved facial balance and harmony, our facial plastic surgery procedures give patients the natural and beautiful results they deserve. Dr. Gikas performs a wide variety of proven and reliable procedures. For more details about facial plastic surgery procedures in Chicago, patients can reach out to Elias Gikas MD today.


A facelift is a procedure that involves tightening loose facial skin and smoothing out age lines and wrinkles. This is achieved by first making small incisions near the ears. The tissues are then lifted and tightened. As a result, a youthful look is restored.


Rhinoplasty can improve the size, shape, angle, and internal structure of the nose. This allows patients to get the kind of nose that they have always wanted. Functional nasal surgery can also be performed to address obstructed nasal passages, allowing patients to breathe easier.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Sometimes, a nose job can produce unsatisfactory results, which is where revision rhinoplasty comes in. This will fix the issues that occurred so that patients can finally breathe easily. This procedure will also safely correct deformities that might have occurred as a result of the botched nose job.


Eyelids that look puffy or droopy can make patients look tired and stressed. Also known as eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty gets rid of excess skin and bulging fat in the patient’s eyelids. The end results are eyelids that no longer sag or bulge, allowing the patient to look more alert and awake.


This facial-rejuvenation procedure addresses sagging eyebrows, which can make patients look older than they actually are. By elevating the drooping brows, the patient will look younger and more vibrant. The browlift will also help in reducing other common signs of aging like forehead wrinkles and sagging skin.


Ear surgery involves changing the size or shape of the patient’s ears for aesthetic reasons. Patients who want ears that are smaller, less prominent, or more symmetrical can turn to this procedure. It is an excellent option for younger patients and for adults. It involves tiny incisions and reduction and reshaping of ear cartilage.

Chin & Cheek

Chin and cheek implants add volume to a recessed or weak chin or gaunt cheeks. If the patient wants to have high cheekbones or a stronger chin, these are the ideal option. Such procedures are also ideal for correcting imbalances with facial features so that they look more symmetrical.

How Much Do Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures Cost?

The cost of facial plastic surgery procedures is dependent on a number of factors. The specific procedure chosen plays a major role in determining cost. Anesthesia fees, total surgical time, and whether or not implants are involved can also impact the final price.

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