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Undergoing nose surgery is something that you hope you only have to do once in your life. Rhinoplasty is a financial investment and requires that you spend several days to a week recovering. In most cases, the sacrifice is worth it because your new nose looks great and/or has recovered from a deformity like a deviated septum. However, some patients finance this major surgery and take a week or two off from work, only to realize that the outcome has not improved their nose in any way (and has possibly even made it worse). This scenario is frustrating, but unfortunately happens more than you think. If you are in this situation, the solution is typically revision rhinoplasty, also called secondary rhinoplasty.

Dr. Gikas has many years of experience treating patients who are disappointed with the results of their nose jobs. He understands the complexity of rhinoplasty and accepts that sometimes the procedure does not go as well as planned. Sometimes the outcome is not anyone’s fault. Dr. Gikas is pleased to offer unhappy patients a second (or third!) chance to attain the appearance they desire.

Revision Rhinoplasty Candidates

Are you one of the 15 percent of rhinoplasty patients who has chosen to undergo revision surgery? You may find yourself in this percentage for one of several reasons:

  • Your original surgeon was inexperienced, rushed or could not address your desires.
  • The outcome is not what you expected.
  • The surgeon did everything correctly, but the results require some finessing.
  • Your nose job is impairing your ability to breathe through your nostrils or is causing an internal structural defect that may also affect your breathing.

It is important to note that post-operative nasal swelling distorts the results of the primary rhinoplasty, and can take up to a year to completely dissipate. If you are unhappy with the results of your nose job, we encourage you to postpone plans for a revision rhinoplasty until your swelling has completely resolved and your nasal appearance has stabilized. If you need a professional opinion to determine whether the swelling has gone down, feel free to give Dr. Gikas a call. He would be happy to help.

Getting It Right – The Second Time Around

It’s understandable that you are hesitant to go under the knife again. However, you can trust Chicago plastic surgery provider Dr. Elias Gikas with your revision rhinoplasty because of his skill and experience handling the most complex cases. He will give you plenty of time and attention as you explain your needs; you will never be hurried out of the office before you are good and ready.

You will need to identify what you don’t like about the results of your primary nose job. This will probably be easy to do if you’ve been spending a lot of time frowning at your reflection in the mirror since your first surgery. Dr. Gikas wants to know exactly what you are unhappy with (e.g., uneven nostrils, a crooked nose or a droopy tip). If you are unsure — you simply know that you don’t like your nose job results — Dr. Gikas can help you to pinpoint your specific concerns and determine what you hope to achieve with revision rhinoplasty. Once you have established your expectations for the revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Gikas can develop a treatment plan to address these problems.

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery: What It Entails

Revision rhinoplasty is more technically demanding than primary rhinoplasty; the procedure requires extensive knowledge of nasal anatomy and the healing process, as well as a distinct sense of aesthetic balance. Dr. Gikas fits the bill. Here’s how he approaches revision rhinoplasty:

Revision rhinoplasty is performed using either the open or closed technique. Dr. Gikas may work through incisions made within the nostrils (closed) or make a small incision on the underside of the nose (open). This decision will take into account which approach was used in your first rhinoplasty. Dr. Gikas can discuss the pros and cons of both approaches, including the potential impact of any scar tissue, during your surgical consultation. He will ensure that you feel comfortable with the approach he recommends, and he will answer any and all of your questions. Many revision rhinoplasty treatment plans involve altering cartilage, either by adding or removing it from certain parts of the nose. If Dr. Gikas needs extra cartilage, he may take it from your nasal septum, ear or rib.

Recovering from Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery: What to Expect

Recovering from revision rhinoplasty is similar to recovering from your first nose job. You will experience some bruising, swelling and soreness. You should keep your head elevated at all times, even while you are sleeping. Avoid bending over and lifting anything heavy. Also, sleep with several pillows or a foam wedge. Do not blow your nose for two to three weeks after your revision rhinoplasty. Perhaps most importantly, avoid any direct trauma to your face or nose for at least two months after your surgery. Accidentally striking the nose could traumatize the tissues as they heal, or shift the nose out of alignment.

During your recovery, you will meet with Dr. Gikas on a regular basis so he can remove your stitches, monitor your progress and clear you to return to your normal activities (e.g., work, school, sports, exercise).

Potential Risks of Revision Rhinoplasty

There are risks involved with revision rhinoplasty, just as there were with your primary nose job. However, Dr. Gikas will review these risks with you in great detail so you are informed when making decisions about your care. Revision rhinoplasty risks include anesthesia-related complications, loss of smell, bursting of small blood vessels, excessive scarring and the need for further revision. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Gikas for your surgery and abiding by his pre- and post-operative instructions will mitigate your risk.

If you’re unhappy with your nose job, consider revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Gikas. He has both the skills and experience to handle this complex procedure. Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation.

About Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon Dr. Gikas

Dr. Gikas is a well-known Chicago cosmetic surgeon with experience in facial surgery, body sculpting and breast enhancement. His surgical skill allows him to satisfy the needs of his nose surgery, blepharoplasty and facelift Chicago patients. He is also a talented liposuction and tummy tuck surgeon in Chicago.