Come In for a Body Lift to Lose Sagging Skin After Massive Weight Loss

Come In for a Body Lift to Lose Sagging Skin After Massive Weight Loss

Body lift procedures, also known as body-contouring procedures, are surgeries that are typically performed after massive sudden weight loss. The goal of these surgical procedures is to tighten loose hanging skin, eliminate excess skin, and contour the shape of the underlying skin tissue. The term “body lift” is typically an umbrella term for procedures such […]

Cheek Implants for Stronger Cheekbones

Strong cheekbones are a universally appreciated trait that adds definition and youth to the face. Most iconic celebrities, be they male or female, have high cheekbones that give their face more volume. High cheekbones are sought after by everyone, especially as they get older. Even those born with strong cheekbones often lose structure or volume […]

The Extended Abdominoplasty Offers Excellent Results

An extended abdominoplasty is recommended for those who have excess skin that extends from their abdominal area to their flanks (love handles). Such patients usually also have laxity in the abdominal muscles. It was noticed that in some of the patients who undergo the tummy tuck surgery, even thought there was significant improvement in the […]

A Stronger Chin Can Be Yours

Having a weak chin can be a problem. For starters, it creates the illusion that you have a fleshy neck. It can also make your nose look larger than it actually is, which is worse if it is already quite prominent. If you feel like your chin doesn’t possess the right dimensions and you feel […]

Tissue Expanders with Breast Implants as a Method of Breast Reconstruction

One of the most common breast reconstruction procedures is called tissue expansion. It makes use of provisional tissue expanders for expanding the breast muscle and skin. The tissue expander technique of breast reconstruction is perfect for women who lack sufficient natural breast tissue for the reconstruction surgery or for those who wish to have an […]

Mommy Makeover Packages

As women grow older, telltale signs of aging appear all over their bodies. This causes them to believe they look unattractive, which in turn negatively affects their self-esteem. More and more women are coming in for plastic surgery to improve their appearance. Many mothers are displeased with their post-pregnancy bodies. They are unhappy with their […]

Try Upper Eyelid Surgery to Rejuvenate Sagging Eyelids

An upper lid blepharoplasty iѕ аn operation thаt removes loose folds оf ѕkin frоm thе upper eyelids. An upper eyelid blepharoplasty iѕ performed fоr people whо hаvе droopy, overhanging eyelids thаt impair vision, саuѕе frequent blinking аnd eye fatigue, оr lооk unsightly, causing a cosmetic problem. The Upper Eyelid Procedure Whеn upper eyelid cosmetic surgery […]

Radiesse Dermal Filler – Volumizing Treatment

Over time, the contours of your face can change due to the effects of aging. One of the common patterns is that skin loses volume, which creates a hollow appearance around the cheeks. To reduce this kind of aging, there is the Radiesse dermal filler. The Radiesse dermal filler is an injectable treatment made of calcium-based […]

Brow Lift — Chicago Endoscopic Forehead Lift

As we get older, our skin tends to naturally lose elasticity and sag. Our genetics and too much exposure to the sun have an influence on how severely our skin will sag. With sagging and repetitive facial movements, lines and wrinkles can develop on areas of the face like the forehead and around the eyebrows. […]

Breast Augmentation — Chicago Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation

For many women out there, feeling desirable is strongly connected with breast size and shape. Much of this has been the product of shifting cultural ideals when it comes to beauty. Breast augmentation surgery offers a way for women to improve their self-image by enhancing the appearance of their breasts. A breast augmentation is the most popular […]