Having a weak chin can be a problem. For starters, it creates the illusion that you have a fleshy neck. It can also make your nose look larger than it actually is, which is worse if it is already quite prominent.

If you feel like your chin doesn’t possess the right dimensions and you feel like it’s affecting your overall appearance, a chin augmentation procedure might serve as an ideal solution. Chin enhancement primarily provides projection for your chin, correcting its proportions and adding balance to your overall facial appearance. This procedure is very popular among both women and men.

Your chin can be enhanced using a facial implant that enlarges the chin. A chin implant procedure can create harmony between your facial features.

Ideal Candidates

An ideal candidate for the procedure is one who has a recessed chin, a pointy or square chin, a fleshy neck, or a large or prominent nose that can be balanced out by chin augmentation.

Apart from the abovementioned criteria, the ideal candidate must also possess good overall health. He or she must have realistic expectations from the procedure and should not have taken any medication that affects bone growth. He or she must also be free from hypertension or cardiac issues and should avoid taking anti-coagulants.

What Are Chin Implants Like?

The appearance of chin implants will vary based on the material they’re made from. Preformed chin implants that are made from silicone or other such materials will possess a narrow shape similar to that of a sports helmet. The surgeon may carve the implant further to offer a custom fit or to change the shape. The idea is to create the appearance of a natural and strong jawline once the implant has been placed.

After the Procedure – What to Expect

The bandaging on your chin will be removed in a few days after the surgery. After the removal of the bandage, you will need to use a brace while sleeping. This should be worn for almost a month or more.

You can resume basic activity almost immediately. However, many normal activities can only be resumed after a few days. Your surgeon will provide instructions regarding this.

You might have to alter your diet during your recovery period, which means you would need to consume liquid or soft foods for a few days.

There is bound to be some level of soreness and discomfort after the procedure. You may be prescribed painkillers to deal with this discomfort. There could also be numbness in the chin area, which may last for a few months. You might experience a sensation similar to stretching in the chin area. This usually lasts for a few days.

Swelling will subside in a few weeks. The final appearance of your chin will be noticeable only after a few months.

Find Out More by Scheduling a Chin Augmentation Consultation

A visit with Dr. Elias Gikas, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon serving patients in the Chicago area, will help you decide on whether a chin implant is right for you. To schedule your informative appointment with Dr. Gikas, contact our office today.