As we get older, our skin tends to naturally lose elasticity and sag. Our genetics and too much exposure to the sun have an influence on how severely our skin will sag. With sagging and repetitive facial movements, lines and wrinkles can develop on areas of the face like the forehead and around the eyebrows. Often, the ideal solution is a brow lift.

Experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Elias Gikas can examine your brow and forehead during a consultation to make the correct procedure recommendation. Your facial structure, underlying skin structure, brow position, eyelids, skin thickness and skin elasticity will be assessed during an examination.

A brow lift is tailored to meet the needs of each patient as well as limit any risks. It is important to voice your concerns and honest expectations during your consultation. Endoscopic techniques are preferred to reduce visibility of the incisions. This process uses a small viewing device that allows Dr. Gikas to easily see the details of the muscle and tissue as he works.

If you would like to know more about how to prepare for brow lift surgery, contact us at our office in Chicago.